Onshore Vs. Offshore Vs. Nearshore Software Outsourcing: What’s Best for Your Business in 2022.

Businesses, no matter what size, have especially suffered since pandemic. With rising inflation and energy prices, expanding in-house teams will increase overall operational costs. It is more critical in times when consumers are more focused on User-based pricing and want the value for their investment. With your in-house team intact, you can now outsource your software development needs and get top talent with handy benefits.

As per statistics, the global IT outsourcing market was $526.6 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $ 682.3Billion in 2027. 

Do you have a critical software development need at hand? Outsourcing can be your savior; you can save on costs and get skilled talent on board in no time. Completing a project in time is not a nightmare anymore and you also get to work with a remote team available on call—a win-win situation.

Are you getting multiple change requests from clients? No need to exhaust your in-house resources. Offshore outsourcing is known as a more flexible option Vs. in-house/on-shore development. Certainly, Nearshore outsourcing wins the game; you have a virtual partner just around the corner waiting for your signal to join the marathon.

Onshore Vs. Offshore Vs. Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

Would you like to learn which outsourcing model suits you the most? Check out the comparisons below for a better understanding

Onshore Software Development Outsourcing 

Onshore outsourcing is the conventional hiring of people from your location at an hourly rate or by project in your currency. It can be costly as you have to pay at a set rate and even increase wages with time. 

If you want to find a maestro in their field, you may need to pay higher than the market rate to retain talent.  If you do not have a constant flow of incoming projects, keeping tier-1 talent is not feasible for your team. Especially for high-growth startups, scaling your team onshore is not a suitable choice for you.



Offshore Software Development Outsourcing

If you want to find the right pearl in the ocean of fresh and experienced IT talent that too on budget and quickly, offshore outsourcing is the right choice. Beware! If you seek micro-management, it can be tricky for your as you have to loosen up some control.

 But many businesses like Slack, GitHub, and even tech giants like Ali baba and  Apple are successful due to their offshore outsourcing to Ukraine, and relocating development labs due to war has increased their operational costs! Just Relax, Sit back and follow the league.


Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

If you have concerns over Burnout and are not ready to trust strangers, nearshore software outsourcing is the right choice. It dramatically reduces your labor costs and lets you stay in control of the complete development lifecycle

Nearshore Outsourcing

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Four Benefits of Nearshore Software Outsourcing 

1- Flexible Scaling

Suppose you have a project in the pipeline with constant change requests from customers or facing sudden unavailability of in-house developers. In that case, you need to keep up with managing customer expectations and scale efficiently. With the nearshore engagement model, scale your in-house team without increasing headcount and get on to complete the project within time and cost.

You have no time to train? You can choose the best fit for job specialists from nearshore software development companies, leaving you to focus on core internal operations and enjoy the peace of mind that all is well!

2- Access to Large Talent Pool

Finding top-tier talent, Master of all trades, and on a budget is like asking for a flying carpet. However, not impossible with nearshore development companies like DIVSYNC are ready to help you build your team with vetted developers already experienced in developing cutting-edge solutions. 

What to look for? Although you may find much-skilled talent, always ensure that the nearshore development company you are about to choose keeps customer services as its top priority. At least that’s how we make our consumers feel like a superstar!

3- Reduction in Business Costs

Although not as cheap as offshore but nearshore software development can help you manage colossal business profit margins. When you choose the dedicated development team, you will overcome the hefty cost of an hourly rate of onshore team and hassle of in-house recruitment and talent.

 On top of it, you can have swift communication and augment your in-house team with remote talent to mitigate any risk and speed up the project development timeframe.

4- Launch Products to Market Faster

With a dedicated development team on board, you can launch your MVP 50% faster than your counterparts relying on in-house teams. You can get inch up your product revenue and retain your competitive edge.

What to look for? A good nearshore software development company will have a comprehensive portfolio of services, including application development, product design, application reengineering, etc. Plus, they can offer you a complete power pack solution with Data scientists, QA, research, and security to get a completely functional product you are satisfied with. 

Challenges of Nearshore Software Development

There are always two sides to the coins! Nearshore software development is not as cheap as offshore software development. With concerns like ‘complete control,’ here at DIVSYNC, we offer clients the to build their smart teams or hire developers for quick work on any project. 

Wrap up!

You can now decide which model to choose and how they are suitable for your needs. But if you want value for money and swift development without any delay, nearshore software development is the best choice. 


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