Our Testimonials

DIVSYNC is a global company headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. We are passionate about solving complex business problems by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies.

Our people are our assets, and we deliver the best to help our clients solve their most challenging and time-consuming tasks while also providing them with a high level of satisfaction.

We are what our clients
need us to be.

Perry Takeshta

DIVSYNC team has been amazing to work with. Their knowledge of Ruby on rails, phoenix / elixir is extraordinary. I really enjoy working with them and their communication is excellent! I will continue hire for any development needs!

John Balmain

Exceptional with a strong work ethic. Got a fully functional Ruby on Rails web application up and running for us. Highly recommended.


RIBTTES website is a very huge platform in terms of technicalities. DIVSYNC team worked on our project with exceptional dedication to cope up with all of its challenges. We are very happy that we hired them to manage our project.

Ed Moshe

DivSync Team was an absolute dream to work with. Their communication was stellar and their commitment to perfection is second to none. They did a wonderful job and were an amazing addition to our internal development team. GREAT JOB HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Tanya Sinclair

DIVSYNC Team is incredibly knowledgeable. From anything to Elixir (the main language we worked in) to architecting the system as a whole, the team was a trusted source of wisdom and a great help. They were a pleasure to work with, would absolutely hire again!