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June 29,2021


Branding, design, Photography



  • What the website is about?

The Smart Trainer LMS is a platform that gives companies the competitive edge needed to stay ahead of the competition. The computer-based, web-app, and instructor-led training provides international standard eLearning educational opportunities for professionals in any industry with high-quality trainers.

  • What features we have developed for this client in his project?

Smart Trainer approached DIVSYNCc to build a web/computer-based Learning Management System (LMS). Our engineers helped them build an easy-to-use LMS with a modern UI that offers management and tracking of Training activities. As a leader in LMS development, we have taken the time to really focus on our customer’s needs.

We know that LMS’s come in many different shapes and sizes with various features but not all of them will be what you’re looking for. That is why we included Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) option that allows users access to an off-the-shelf cloud solution paired with fully integrated solutions so it can grow at whatever pace works best for them!


9 months

Front End Backend

Vue Js

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