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Project Overview

Branch bob is an application designed for business owners operating on a small scale. The user of the application can now develop access to their customers by offering their products and services using Branch Bob. DIVSYNC identified the vision of the developer and proposed the complete research and the expected outcome of how entrepreneurs can now be taken online. The degree to which one vendor is embedded in the system varies from project to project. When Branch Bob reached out to us, they were looking for a team to trust with all the design and development needs to present the Bob Branch as the vision of entrepreneurship. The final design Bob Branch presented to DIVSYNC was not high fidelity and couldn’t be handed over to the development team. Branch Bob wanted the two screens i.e. web and mobile application to have a localized user experience.

Categories: E-Commerce
Published On: jan 11, 2022
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Having a componentized and robust design system was crucial to stay consistent with the internal design team of Bob Branch. Especially knowing the target audience and developing a localized design, The work integration was developed in a way that two teams at the same time were working on different requirements and communication for maintaining cohesion in completed deliverables. The agile methodology helped in reducing debt on product engineering and efficiently scaling new features across platforms.

Tech Stack


Bob Branch has an interactive home screen with CTA’s to help a user to get on with the task. The application is kept interactive for meeting customers with different persona’s. A user with no tech background can understand the requirements and systematic process and make their online store in no time. The home screen has different features of the plug-in to make the screen look attractive.


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Client's testimonial

Great experience working with Divsync

It's always a pleasure to work with Divsync. They are personable, responsive, and result-oriented

Mark Samuels


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