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Pride legal is the legal consultation service for LGBT groups. The LGBT constitution was recently passed. The website is designed for answering all queries and helping the LGBT group to learn about their rights. The client wanted a responsive website fulfilling quality user experience criteria. DEVOPS at DIVSYNC ensured that they are offering quality UX to users with all the valid information.

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Published On: jan 11, 2022
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The website needed to have a responsive design. DEVs and designers have to work together to come up with an easy yet neutral design for a website that is well-linked with the response from Back-end. The design needs to be encouraged for improving the user experience. For this, blueprints were prepared and image galleries were used for supporting the LGBT community. From parenting to any legal consultation it was duly designed for improving the user interface.

Tech Stack


From online consultation to booking an appointment and searching through the listing, the website has every legal aspect covered for LGBT.


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Client's testimonial

Great experience working with Divsync

Team DIVSYNC did a wonderful job and were an amazing addition to our internal development team. GREAT JOB and highly recommended!



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