Trevo (Mobile App)

Project Overview

Trevo is a mobile-based android application providing passenger transports services in Evora. Businesses are offering different types of services that are listed on the main web page of the application. The application updates their schedule and commutes on the application every day as well as the ticket fares. DIVSYNC developed an application that is not only user friendly, has a simple user interface but has an interactive layout that interests the viewer. The app is connected with different payment methods. The user’s financial details are safe using Trevo.

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Published On: jan 11, 2022
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The challenge was to ensure that the application is responding well for users using mobile applications at any time of the day. The Divsync team had to work robustly with the in-house development team of Trevo to plan the application update systematically. The system is updated in less than five seconds; the application can update itself at any time of the day. It was to ensure that the application update does not disturb the booking process with Trevo. In addition, the application needs to constantly push notifications for any news and updates regarding traveling with Trevo on preferred routes.

Tech Stack


The home screen of the application has the main drop-down listing for services and fares for services. The user can read from the home page the type of services the application is offering as well as what type of vehicles the company is using. The Right tab has a poster that is self-explanatory for its services. The existent design was unable to support the growing needs of users. With a rigorous design process, DIVSYNC focused on developing a broadly applicable design system using wireframing. The designers developed multiple blueprints and tested them separately to see for errors and bugs


Client's testimonial

Great experience working with Divsync

DIVSYNC delivered a good job with professionalism, attention to detail, and good communication. It was very easy to work with them! They were thorough in updates and were welcoming when it comes to any changes needed, even then we got the product ready in time

Inês Maia

Project Manager

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