Our Work

DivSync is a premium design and development studio. We take your idea and carft custom tailored solutions for your specific needs with the right strategy to ensure yuor product is a success

We are what our clients
need us to be.




Planet Cricket

Planet Cricket is an android-based mobile application

Pride Legal

Pride legal is the legal consultation service for LGBT

Fone Wire

The Fone wire is a mobile-based Android application designed to provide users with ease of


Seers is a vision of offering compliance services to online businesses. Certain laws also govern

Insta story

Instagram has become the centre of attention for users. Users on Instagram upload anything

Context Travel

Context Travel is a solution that connects travellers to any place with history or culture. Travelle


Datalytyx is a website-based solution that helps to offer cloud-based solutions to their clients. A


WebWek is a platform for businesses to get their digital footprint. WebWek has been offering

Branch Bob

Branch bob is an application designed for business owners operating on a small scale. The user