How to Choose Between Software Outsourcing Company and Freelance Developer.

The success of SaaS Startups collaborating with software development outsourcing companies is commendable. Hiring the best software developers are crucial to growth. Finding the right talent and training is cumbersome. Are you tight on budget? Hiring a freelancer developer may save you a few bucks but is it the right choice for long-term growth?

The remote team of Software engineers brings diverse expertise to level up your game. You may still have thoughts that why a team and why not a freelance developer? You must not waste your time making wrong choices, between a freelance developer and a software development company. Here’s what you need to know

Software Outsourcing Company Vs Freelance Developers

Hiring and training can be critical. Increasing headcount is not the solution. But what if the freelancer was all rainbows and no clouds! On the other hand, SaaS startup’s having an expert team of full-stack developers and diverse talent can do the job. Unique and error-free software product reflects your professionalism to clients. Can you put it at stake for a freelance software developer?

Why Outsource your Software Engineering Efforts?

Freelancing services may seem low-priced but do they claim success? The dedication of a freelancer to your project may vary from person to person.

Software-Outsourcing development Companies bring versatile expertise to your software product. They keep a full-stack team of software developers. The product managers work for your product so that you can achieve your aim in the time bar set by you.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Software Development Company

Here is what you must know as a startup owner!

  • Security: The software outsourcing company will be legally responsible to protect your Product Copyrights and Intelligent Property Ownership. This cannot be guaranteed with a  freelancer developer.

  • Process: Software outsourcing companies enforce their ‘Best Practices’ and which model they follow such as Scrum, Agile and Rapid Development. Freelancers always lack these systematic practices.
  • Accountability: What if the freelancer backs out at the last minute? Or is unable to deliver on time? You may face many similar reasons on the list but the SaaS Outsourcing Companies will be responsible for giving the end solution in time, no matter if the clouds turn orange!
  • Quality: A software outsourcing company follows industry standards for software product delivery. A reputed company is always responsible to ensure the quality on time. However, for a freelancer, it is difficult to ensure professional output.
  • Communication: The outsourcing company will have a professional aura and will be informing you with Project Updates and will be leading the communication. You can be sure that there will be ‘No-Communication Black-Out’.

82% of freelancers never complete their tasks

Yes, you read it right!

  • Reliability: When dealing with a company, the scope and results are guaranteed. Companies do formal agreements in the form of Legal contracts.  And you get the full right to question them in case of a discrepancy.  However, freelancers are FREE from such legal bounding!
  • Scalability: SaaS outsourcing company will grow as your Remote Team of Experts with no stress of any official hiring or firing. You will be able to scale your growing needs and develop cost-effective software products but hiring multiple freelancers and managing them can bake your creativity.
  • Support: With an outsourcing company, you will have 24/7 Support and even you do not need to worry about employee motivation and training.
  • Flexibility: With having a professional team of Software Engineers by your side, you will have A Close-Knit Technical Team giving you the convenience of people who are engaged in your business activities. In addition, will be available at any critical time for any support.
  • Cost: Freelancers may be available at a lower cost. But there is no room to stumble as being a startup you are running at a thin competitive pace. Professional Software Development Company will be your partner in growth and will prevent you from any Fall!

Remind yourself daily!

That, technology is changing at a fast pace. And you need a solid team with you. You need to build your software products correctly from the very start.  Making the right choice at the start may cost you a little more. But it would surely give you a professionally developed software product.  Remember! competing is not the aim, standing out is.

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