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Delivering Exceptional Elixir development talent smoothly and swiftly

From Minimum Viable Products to Large scale web applications, the Phoenix MVC framework helps in building scalable web applications and APIs for Modern web

Our job as your trusted
partner is to

To ease the access of Industry leaders like yourself to the best
talent available, and nothing more than that.

Need Elixir Development Services


Elixir offers seamless integration with increasing number of running processes


Elixir is light-weight in processes and highly Concurrent programming language


Elixir based on Erlang uses Phoenix framework for software development Solutions

Low Latency hyper scalable systems

Timely Delivery

If you are looking for a reliable partner to strike a balance between speed and quality, DIVSYNC is the perfect fit. Get High quality and error free software solution in given time

Extensive Experience

With 10+ years of professional experience, Elixir developers at DIVSYNC knows how to convert your idea into a reality. Get Experienced developers on-board in no time.

Remember, building
- with Elixir/Pheonix
requires experience

Elixir is a powerful and trending background technology that can complete many serious tasks but it isn’t easy to handle. So you need to be careful when using it because of the high stakes involved in what could happen, which is why having experienced professionals help would not be such a bad idea

Team-up with DIVSYNC for Application Development
Using Elixir Technology

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Work with our Elixir developers

Execute your vision with trusted and battle-tested Elixir developers perfectly suited to your business needs

  • Stay completely in control

  • Best-in-class multi-cloud


Why choose Divsync as your
Elixir/Pheonix development

Nowadays, mobile and web development services have entered another level. Development models for hiring dedicated developers, IT teams or remote services, are much more critical these days


Here are some of our
recent projects

Hire Dedicated Elixir Developers

Hire Elixir dedicated developers or remote teams to match your company culture, processes and industry 5.0 needs

Augment your team

Fixed Price Projects

We help companies set up dedicated development teams quick, efficient and unique. No hidden charges and guaranteed no back-office hassle

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