GoLang for Simplest Syntax and High Control

If you are looking to develop a cross-platform, concurrent and a cloud-based system, then Golang can be the best choice for you.

It was originally designed by Google,  for large-scale networks and distributed systems. 

Today, Golang is the first choice for developing Big data systems, ERP Software, Micro Servers and Mobile development.

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Why Choose Go Lang

GoLang is a brand new digital platform, build for writing a simple fast and scalable code architecture. Platforms like Youtube, Chrome, DailyMotion, Uber are using Go because it creates simplest code for complex – concurrent and cloud based projects.

It offers modular approach and easy-to-read syntax for developing concurrent, networked applications. Unlike the threads in Java, Golang offers Goroutines, which consumes significantly less memory space (around 2KB of the RAM). These Goroutines make it possible to run multi operations independently on distributed sytems. This is the biggest advantage of using GO LANG for distributed, complex and cloud based applications that it does not let your systems crash!

Golang has built-in features to maintain a clean code structure. It offers built- in functionality, for testing,  code formatting, and improving the code readability.


Advantages of using Golang

What you can build using GoLand for Simplest Syntax and High Control


Concurrency Support
Faster and Lighter
Easier to Read
No Virtual Machine Required
Package Management
Static Typing
Garbage Collector


Big Community
Run time errors
Requires Significant Memory Space


Both the interpretation and compilation.
Mobile Support Dependent.
Requires Significant Memory Space


Large Community Support
Great Frameworks
Easy Deployment
Open Source.
Fragmented Community
Slower Execution Time.
Limited Visibility
Inconsistent API.

Why Golang is faster for developing modern applications

Golang is a pure language to write server-side scripts for high attainment. Golang came into the world to solve practical problems at Google, and thus it is more realistic. Golang gives quick development cycles. Performance is the key, and Golang is a grasp of speed and performance. Golang also has higher support for concurrency. Golang applies isolated goroutines to save its memory resources and provides higher performance. Golang is good at handling bugs and works with accuracy. Countless programmers love Golang for how it deals with errors. It could operate errors at the compile-time, creating it programmer-friendly and end-user friendly. Not to forget, Go is statically typed and compiled. Golang is smoother to learn and work with. Golang language is based on the C. So, you can trust its accuracy.

Golang Development Tech Stack We Apply

Martini: For writing modular web applications and services in the Golang language

Beego: MVC framework with its logging library, ORM, and web frameworks.

Gin Gonic: Used for writing modular web apps and services in Golang developments

Buffalo: From front-end to back-end development

Goji: Light and fast web-development framework

Tiger Tonic: for Implementing REST APIs, JSON web services

Gocraft: Fast and scalable routing performance, routing to the net/HTTP package from the standard library.

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