Node Js for server side development

Node JS is a JavaScript runtime which represents the “JavaScript Everywhere” paradigm. Built on top of Google Chrome V8’s engine, Node JS event driven I/O model is capable of handling concurrent requests leading to scalable stable applications.

Node JS makes it easy to perform data-intensive or real-time tasks across distributed devices extremely efficient. MEAN stack is usually the first choice of businesses looking for speed in production. 


Why consider WordPress for your website

Why should you consider Node Js Language

It’s lightweight and blazing fast

One of the most efficient server-side frameworks out there, apps built with Node.js can load two or three times faster than your traditional app! Moreover, Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine. This means quick loading, faster application development and awesome scalability, so you can scale your web app to the sky!  

It’s scalable and loved by millions

Node.js is a dynamic and powerful platform that’s the best solution for heavy I/O operations, data flow, or multiple connection requests. This is why products like Linkedin, Netflix, Uber, PayPal, and even NASA use Node.js. 

Advantages of Using Node Js

Quick Comparison of Node Js with other technolgies


Full-stack JS back-end development
Cross-platform support
Great for microservices
Ample ecosystem
Corporate support


Metaprogramming technique to reduce code length and save time
Rapid development cycle
Multi-platform language
Expressiveness and conciseness
Huge, active, and motivated community


A readable and dynamically typed language
High functionality
Rich native library support
Shorter code compared to similar object-oriented languages
Fast development due to concise and simple syntax

Why Hire Expert Node Js Developer

Nodejs is known for its speed and scalability; perfect if you want something lightning fast! It's also good at handling concurrent connections because it uses an event loop that can handle multiple transactions simultaneously instead of waiting until one finishes before starting another transaction like other programs do with threads or processes (think: house guests).

This will allow your app to process requests much faster without sacrificing quality.

Node.Js Tech Stack We Apply

Containers – Dockers
Languages – Javascript, Typescript
Databases – MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Frameworks- Express, AdonisJs, Fastify, NetJs
Public cloud – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

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