React Native for iOS & Android Development

React Native is your go-to framework for building scalable cross-platform applications for iOS and Android using the same code base.

React Native lets you create iOS and Android apps faster that are stylish, performant and easy to use to give you competitive edge. DIVSYNC provides you React Native app development services to help businesses grow.

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Why choose React Native for your app?

It’s Scalable and Maintainable 

React Native is a powerful cross-platform development tool that can create mobile apps with improved UI/UX. React Native’s features such as modular architecture and the ability to integrate open source APIs and third-party libraries allow you to build scalable, large & dynamic applications without any significant slowdowns in performance.

It’s Fast and Performant

Its ability to reuse code offers a shorter development cycle and swift deployment, making it more cost-effective. This is why companies like Netflix, Tesla, Facebook, Instagram, and Walmart rely on it.

React Native Makes App Development Faster

Create Stunning Mobile Apps That Users will Love

Scalable App Development

You’re ready to create the next big app, but you don’t have enough skills? React Native is here for you! Apps built with React Native use a single code base, meaning that developers can take care of both iOS and Android at once. Get that scalable product out there quickly by using React Native development technology.

Semi Hybrid Framework

React Native proved to be an admirable framework for us to work. Having a semi-hybrid framework, React Native is the most reliable platform for creating native applications these days.

React Native simply hooks to native modules.

React Native provides Native modules and JavaScript modules for 3rd party integrations. There are umpteen third-party libraries available, npm is the richest package manager of all languages.

High Performant Native Apps

With native app development, the app is designed and optimized for a specific platform. As a result, the app gives a top level of performance.
They also compiled using the platform’s core programming language and APIs. As a result, the app is much more dynamic.

The device stores the app allowing the software to leverage the processing speed. As users navigate through a native mobile app, the contents and visual elements are already stored on their phones, which means load times are quick.

Testing and Quality Assurance

You may think that bugs are a nuisance, but they can be costly. We follow best development practices for the Windows environment and emphasize testing and QA because it helps you uncover mistakes and verify if the code is working properly so that when users get to your app there won’t be any problems at all.

App Migration and Support

It’s already proven to be hugely beneficial for giants like Facebook and Airbnb who have migrated their applications to offer greater developer productivity with less time to market! If you’re looking at migrating your app, talk to us first – we’ll show you how easy this transformation will be thanks to React Native development technology.

Beware of React Native’s Compatibility & Debugging

React Native is a powerful and trending cross-platform technology that can complete many serious tasks, but you may come across various issues with package compatibility and debugging. So you need to be careful when using it because of the high stakes involved in what could happen, which is why having experienced React Native professionals’ help would not be such a bad idea.

React Native Tech Stack We Apply

Firebase – Provides Analytics, Real-Time Database, Cloud Messaging
Xcode – a complete developer toolset for creating apps for Mac, iPhone, iPad
Webpack – a module bundler for modern JavaScript applications
Android Studio – provides the fastest tools for building apps on every Android device
Redux – manage the state of an entire application

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