Ruby on Rails for fast backend solutions.

Ruby on Rails is a high quality and battle-tested web application framework that lets you prototype backends fast.

Businesses use Ruby on Rails to build MVP’s and prototypes to validate their ideas. Ruby on Rails uses the DRY principle and MVC philosophy to ensure that apps are easy to scale, and new features can be added quickly.


Why consider WordPress for your website

Why choose Ruby on Rails for Backend?

Ruby for Scalable and Efficient Web Apps

Ruby is a high-quality back-end programming language that makes building applications easy because they are built to be scalable from the beginning. Ruby also uses the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle for simplicity and MVC philosophy, so that new features can easily be added later down the road!

Ruby is Opinionated, Flexible and Fast

Using the Ruby on Rails web development framework, you can easily integrate any other tool, framework, or third-party library into your project. The Ruby community has created a rich ecosystem of ready-to-use libraries called Ruby Gem, making development easier and faster.

Why ROR is the Best Backend Framework

RoR vs Django vs Laravel vs Express: Quick Comparison of Backend Framework


Model-View-Controller Framework

Object-Oriented General Purpose Programming Language

Usage: Meta-programming and database-backed modern web programming

Offers more flexibility as one feature can be achieved in different ways

Easier to develop and manage small projects


Model-View-Controller Framework
Object-Oriented General Purpose Programming Language
Usage: Scientific programming, system administration, and data manipulation
Tighter Syntax “One obvious way to do it”
Overkill for small projects


Model-View-Template Framework
Usage: Enterprise-level application to small sites
Templating engine is Blade
Ideal for developing an application with millions of calls per minute
Small learning curve


Un-opinionated Framework
Minimal packages out of the box
Templating engine is Jade.
Harder to figure out Express code for beginners
Small learning curve

Why Hire Expert Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web app development tool that can serve those who are limited in production time and budget. However, it does not work with every type of application because its opinionated framework will cause some difficulty when building I/O-heavy real-time apps.

The choice to use Ruby on Rails depends more upon the improvement of the process rather than popularity.

Ruby on Rails Development Tech Stack We Apply

Gems – unparallel number of open-source code libraries and projects
Sidekiq- a well-known queue processing software
Ansible- open-source IT Configuration Management, Deployment & Orchestration tool
MongoDB- source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program
Redis- open-source, in-memory key-value database, cache, message broker, and queue.
Webpack- static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications

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