Cookies Policy.

admin        11:35 am      June 26, 2021

What are cookies? And why you need to know about them!

When you visit our website, the webserver may serve a cookie to your browser. A “Cookie” is known as a piece of information, through which your web browser stores a text file when you visit any website, This text file is used for storing and remembering your browsing preferences.

Web browsers simply offer such features to enhance the user experience and make it more personalized.

Permanent cookies

Permanent cookies are those which remain active in your systems even when your browser has closed. It stores your details of login ID, password and location. So the user won’t have to enter them each time they use them.

Third-party cookies

To get information on a particular topic or issue, third-party cookies are used. Third-party cookies are also used for researching or collecting some reviews about any product or targeting the right audience.

  • The purpose of Cookies is record-keeping. They are used to identify your system and some of your regular search patterns; it is not to identify you, but your consent is most important for such process as well. So a request is pop-up on our website before performing any action.
  • If you don’t want to receive any such services, you can turn it off by simply going into the web browser setting. You can change settings for not receiving cookies and delete previous ones as well. But by turning off cookies your usage of the website will be restricted.
  • DIVSYNC reserves the right to update its Cookies Policy, its Privacy Policy or any services details.
  • We do not use cookies to identify individuals for marketing. Our purpose is to use cookies on our website to provide you better services and enhance the user experience. We store your identity or your preferences to provide efficient services.
  • Your preferences may enhance marketing strategies and approaches for our company, but DIVSYNC is not involved in selling user data to third parties or any other marketing agency.

At DIVSYNC we use permanent and third-party cookies. For the payment process, we take services from a third party, so our cookies do not record your purchase information.

Before proceeding any online payment on our website,  DO NOT FORGET to read the terms and conditions of the respective payment methods you use on our website. And proceed at your own risk.

To read more information about our terms and conditions, please refer to our Privacy Policy.