Why UI/UX Design Is Important for Effective Website Development.

  1. The Basics of IT
  2. Key Components of UI/UX Design
  3. Top 5 Reasons why UI UX is important for Successful Web Development
  4. Is UI more important than UX?
  5. Is UI/UX Design Important for the Growth of your business?
  6. Takeaway
  7. Why Do You Need a Professional UI/UX Developer for Your Project?

Ever since the tech industry is exploring options like Metaverse, no business shall even think twice if they need a website or not. Your website is your online presence and your first interaction with your buyers. But do you know the importance of UI/UX to website development? With budding startups, you must aim to increase business sales and learn about changing consumer needs.

Also, it is important that your web app shall have a responsive and user-friendly interface. Before we start discussing, it is best to understand UI/UX design. These two terms are used interchangeably, but many people often confuse their main features.


The Basics of IT

According to stats, 70.4% of businesses fail to get leads due to poor UI/UX; If you are getting lesser organic traffic to your Website, it could be due to poor UI/UX? Read on to check if you are also not making the same mistake.

You may wonder how the user interface can influence or shape the user experience, right! Here is how you can know the difference they both make

Web Design

Web Development

It is the main interface you see on any website

It is the backend development

A user can attract or feel bizarre for any web design

The web development process is not linked with the user interface or user experience

UI and UX is focused on improving web design

The web design is integrated with web development to respond faster to a user request

Key Components of UI/UX Design

You may want to know how a user interacts with UI/UX Designs of any web app, here’s some insight

Interaction Design

UX design focuses on identifying and solving users’ problems. Does your Website have an effective design to answer all questions to any visitor landing on your web page? UI will only make it more pleasing and attractive for the view.

Information Architecture

UX design commonly comes first in the product development process, followed by interactive UI. The UX designers will develop the bare bones for a user’s journey. A well-navigated website can keep 80.5% for the first 20 seconds on the Website. It could be the main reason for an increasing bounce back rate; poor user navigation.

Visual Design

UX focuses on improving digital products and experiences; UX can be applied to every product experience or service.

Of course, you do not know what wire is framing; you can learn about this from ‘A Comprehensive Guide of UI UX Design.’ You only need to ensure that the testing phase has checked for wireframing, which means your Website is structurally correct.


Yes, you have now gotten to the right place. Suppose your Website is not user-friendly, end of the game. Do you know the Key Factors of the User interface? No, it would be best if you learned to ensure that your Website is not lacking here.




Competitor Analysis

Understanding UX design

Customer Analysis

Design Research

Content Development

Branding and Graphic Development

Product Strategy

UI Prototyping

Analysis and Iteration

Adapting to all types of screen sizes

Top 5 Reasons why UI UX is important for Successful Web Development

Let us keep it short; you need to know the below listed top 5 reasons for a good website. You can check it for yourself if your Website has them.

Is your Website Engaging?

User Interface and User experience play an important role in making your Website navigate to the right landing pages. Your visitor may not like to spend more time reading content if you are not offering them $100 off on their first purchase, Bummer.

Your Website needs to have an attractive and pleasing user interface design. If not, your bounce-back rate can lead you down in google ranking.

Building a Brand with a Website?

Is your Website revolving around ‘User Experience‘? Users like to order and ask for service on websites having a responsive design; you may have heard about ‘responsive website.’

Always ask for feedback if your user is making a purchase. It will help you develop a good impression. Your user will feel the importance of them to your business. This is it! Make your customers feel like Superstar!

Is your Website Fast Enough?

Doing it for the first time, rightly, will save a lot of money in the end. Did dedicated developers develop your Website? If yes, it will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the chances of website repair in the long term.
Effective website development is all you need to look for when hiring development services. You need to look for if your in-house development team knows about ‘User Interface Requirements for a Website.’

If not, Book by Robert Pressmen “Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach” is worth reading. Outsourcing software engineering needs to SaaS Startups could be your savior!

Does your UI/UX Design support SEO?

Effective UI/UX design goes hand in glove with the SEO ranking of your Website. Your Website is not coming up in Google Ranking. You need to see if your SEO is well integrated with the responsiveness of UI/UX.

What Increases Conversion on your Website?

Almost every business sells similar products or services. How can you get high-intent leads? An easier and more user-friendly interface helps a user save time and get the right product is what a user looks for.

Yes, you can add similar searches for your user. Amazon used to keep their customers buying from Amazon by offering relevant products to the user search. What have you learned? Increase user engagement.

Is UI more important than UX?

Your Website has a good user interface with flashy graphics, but it does not land the user on the right product page. Will it increase your website conversion rate? Of course not! It will only irritate your user, and they might leave a negative review on your company page.

The juice to effective website development is that you need UI/UX to work well simultaneously.

Is UI/UX Design Important for the Growth of your business?

Asking this would be like a quality product necessary for increasing customers. Your business website is your global representation. Your Website’s User Interface Design represents your vision.

Ask yourself, would you like to purchase from a website that is responsive and quicker in getting to business or the Website that is not user-friendly and does not lead you in the right direction? Now you get it, of course, the former one!


To ensure that your Website is ready to toss the E-commerce industry, you need to see if UI/UX is working perfectly in place. A good option to save money and time is outsourcing software development needs. Is it something new to you? GitHub and slack have done it, and look where they are today.

Why Do You Need a Professional UI/UX Developer for Your Project?

Are you looking for custom development services? DIVSYNC offers an up-to-date tech stack, covering all your development needs. A dedicated UI/UX developer is all you need to make you stand out of the crowd! Talk directly to developers at DIVSYNC.



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