Top E-Commerce Technologies to Choose In 2022 for Your Website.

What does the choice of E-commerce Technologies depend on?

Custom ECommerce Development

E-Commerce Software

Shopping Cart Software

A tech-Stack for an E-Commerce Store

Modern E-Commerce Platforms

What eCommerce Platforms are successful amongst popular brands?

Final Thoughts

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was an ideal year of growth for the E-commerce industry. Lockdown restrictions encouraged businesses to have their Custom e-commerce website application.

. Are you facing the issue of lesser traffic towards your website?

Lesser traffic means lesser sales; your app is not standing in search and is not reciprocating the user’s search intent. E-commerce startups! you are in waters with many online retailers using the latest E-commerce trends to boost their sales.

The changing tech stack for the eCommerce industry is responsible for shaping the Landscape of E-Commerce in 2022. E-commerce is now about meeting consumers’ needs where they are. You may find it difficult to respond to consumers’ needs-24/7 but now this worry cannot keep you awake all night.  Here is what you need to know

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Online Ecommerce Shop

Which  E-commerce Technologies to choose for an online shop?

Your seamless user journey is all you need to focus on while trusting any technology you are offered. The main difference between an ordinary website and an online shop is the payment method and shopping cart features. How to get it? You can use different technologies to get these, Here’s what you need to know
Although it does depend upon your business size and budget, you can choose from

1- Customer E-Commerce Platform Development

2- Ecommerce Software

3- Shopping Cart Software

Let’s have a closer look at these and help you understand which one to look for that best suits your business

Custom ECommerce Development

Though it is the most expensive and time-consuming option, if you have a unique idea then it is the best solution. It will give you the edge of choosing what to offer your customers. Also, you can easily add in more products and features due to its pre-built framework.

Do you want things your way? Yes, with Custom ECommerce development you can decide how your customers can find products by checking out. Big Companies like Amazon and eBay have made their place integrating CRM and payment solutions.

E-Commerce Software

It is a one-stop solution. It depends upon the platform, marketing tools, payment processes, you can build one of the professional e-Commerce websites.

It would be ok to say that a convenient storefront and smooth customer journey are key factors for getting more conversions. Do not forget that your website shall be equally responsive on mobile as well.
Do you have a small and medium-sized business? Then an online shop on an existing e-Commerce platform with light-medium traffic suits you the best.

Shopping Cart Software

Do you have a website already? and do you want to add a product catalog only? It is the best option for you. This type of solution offers plugins and extensions for a website. Though, you will have limited merchant tools, a virtual storefront, and a payment gateway.

But the biggest factor that is best for your interest and you must know before making a decision is that it does not offer a responsive design! Alas, you will lose your potential website traffic. Therefore, you had better measure the odds.

A tech-Stack for an E-Commerce Store

Front-End E-commerce Technologies

Do you know what your visitors see for the first time on your website? It is the front-end! If your product page is taking too long to load, your visitor will exit your web app. The optimal time for an online shop to respond is 2.5 seconds. If your website is taking too long then this will not only lose customers but will rank lower in the Google SERP.

Responsive design has become the most important feature in front-end development. By 2021, mobile-based sales accounted for 38.6% of total E-commerce sales. It means that if you are not getting enough customer ordering from mobiles, your website does not have a responsive design.

You may want to know more about how to work on front-end development. To be precise, the designing teams develop prototypes using wireframing and hand them over to the developing team. It depends upon the expertise of the development team you have hired if they use JavaScript Libraries, CSS, and HTML 5.

Back-End E-commerce Technologies

It is something complex. To help you understand, if the skeleton is not developed well, your complete website is a failure. Errors and bugs if not fixed are a nightmare for a website to function. One thing you should know is that the most popular languages used for developing the back-end are Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP.

Modern E-Commerce Platforms

After understanding the main requirements for eCommerce platforms, now it is time to make you learn about e-commerce platforms. Keep on reading below

As a business owner, what shall you expect of an eCommerce platform:

1- A system that will help you to sell products or services to a new or existing market.

2- Getting to know your customer’s needs and wants well.

3- You will be able to know how you can differentiate your brands and customer expectations.

4- Your website offers a personalized customer experience and If the website has a responsive design

Finding the best technology for a successful e-commerce website is very important. Here’s how you can get to know about one

Hosted Ecommerce Platform

Hosted e-commerce platform hosts your store on its platform. Technically, it is not the hosting only but the support like shopping cart functions, you can have this security here. However, You may have to pay monthly fees depending upon your business size and monthly financial transactions.

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Challenges for Ecommerce Startups


It is known for its user-friendly admin panel. But it has the downsides like the users have the limited option for customization. It means that you cannot dream to offer a unique shopping experience if you use Shopify.
But you can add new features to your website using add-ons. Yes, you can give every week a new look at your online store.

Big Commerce

It is the most popular hosting eCommerce platform amongst beginners. But the customization option is even less than Shopify. The platform has a simple admin panel but you can buy a customized theme for giving it a unique look.

Self-Hosted Ecommerce Platform

Yes, you understood right. It will only give you the software solution without a web hosting service. It includes a variety of open source solutions and yet you can add a WordPress website to it.
You can be in control of your eCommerce store and can aim for a personalized shopping experience. You can move the shop from one hosting server to another whenever you want


It is a famous technology in medium to large-sized businesses. The user gives the flexibility of customization and personalization. Do you want to know technicality because you may be unable to understand if you do not have the information and basics about software development?


1- Simply getting to the point, it is known as a plug-in for WordPress Websites. Therefore, if you want to convert a blog into a money-making online shop, this is the right option.

2- With as much customization you want. From adding product filters to adding in new functionalities, you can hire a word press developer for it.

3- If you want to offer something unique you can easily find a dedicated developer or hire an eCommerce development team to work on it from scratch.

What eCommerce Platforms are successful amongst popular brands?

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Startup’s Growth Curve

Successful online stores mostly belong to established businesses and brands. The only main feature these businesses want is to stay accessible to their customers. Custom features are most commonly used.

It comes from deep research that Magento is the most desired and trusted technology for successful or what we call the custom eCommerce websites. Do you want to know the names? The list is long but let’s share a few names: Coca-Cola, Ford, Paul Smith, Nike, and many more. Customization and flexibility are the highlighting features.

Final Thoughts

Online retailers may use any technology as per their suitability. But one must know it is not the tech stack that brings you success. But your business vision and how uniquely it is presented. Get a Business-to-Business portal for your future eCommerce growth together with a custom eCommerce website loaded with all necessary features like one window connection with customers, vendors, and suppliers. If you have any concerns related to custom e-commerce technology stack or you have an idea for your future project! Talk to our eCommerce dedicated developers at DIVSYNC.



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