Russian war in Ukraine is a threat to the global IT industry.

On 23rd Feb 2022, Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine swept internet outages. The budding offshore development industry ranks Fifth for supporting the U.K., U.S., and Europe software development needs.

Becoming a defender from a developer, in one day, was swift but hard for top developers who are dedicated to their work. Still, they are busy saving Ukraine from Russian brutality when it comes to freedom. Kerry Harald, CEO of the UK-based trade group, the Global Sourcing Association, stated that the conflict would have huge repercussions on the I.T. sector. Because Ukrainian offshore development companies engaged in most development needs in recent years due to their cutting-edge software development services.

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War threatens Off-shore growth of IT industry

According to Forbes 2019, Ukraine ranks 5th at freelance offshore development, whereas Russia ranks 9th.

War is political and has choked the booming growth of the I.T. sector in Ukraine. Ukraine I.T. association recorded growth for the year 2021 to increase by 36% to $6.8 billion from 2020, simultaneously, Russian development sector contradicting war and standing with Ukraine are pinned down and detained for standing in favor of their counterparts.

Technology companies, including London-based financial technology companies like Revolt, German Software provider SAP SE, and Israel-based Company Fiverr and Wix, famous for Website design and development, have hired developers from this region.

Thousands of ongoing projects are put on hold. After the supply-chain crisis, the software world will face a colossal crunch because of the unavailability of web developers and software engineers from Ukraine.

 Why do tech giants choose to hire software developers from Ukraine?

High-class technical education focusing on the latest tech stack, ethical compliance, thorough professional attitude is why it’s relatively easy to hire front-end developers and backend developers with top-notch skills to build high-load systems with complex logic.

You have been a thorough user of apps developed by Ukrainian developers! WhatsApp, the world-famous app is developed by a Ukrainian developer. Jan Koum is the main behind the most downloaded app. Being a computer engineer and Ukrainian- American executive who built the global mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook in 2014, it is also used as a primary business tool for most startups.

The resilient outsourcing development industry of Ukraine has no shortage of Android app developers and iOS developers either. That is why Apple Microsoft had been relying in the majority on mobile app developers and web developers from this region.

 Future of Ukrainian I.T. industry after this war situation

Ukraine is a hotbed of talent, said Katie Grove, an analyst at researcher Gartner Inc. Approximately 85,000 to 100,000 export services workers employed predominantly in I.T. services and software engineering sector will be inaccessible if the situation prolongs.

Since millions of projects are on hold, companies will attempt to mitigate Russian aggression and move their projects to remote teams in other locations, she added. Many countries are coming in support of Ukraine and sending large batches of weapons, which, once the war is over, can threaten peace if got into the wrong hands. Such situations take years to come back to normal, and the tech sector with ongoing development cannot wait to hold onto projects this long.

EPAM, Bucks-county-based software outsourcing firms closed down their shares by 46%. Company sources said it was helping evacuate its engineers from Ukraine and cannot predict their financial forecast for this year amid the Russian Invasion and ongoing military action in Ukraine.

EPAM closed at $207.75 a share on a day when Jittery investors worried about the impact of western sanctions on Russia and War after-math; a drop of EPAM shared by 45.68% was the largest for three leading U.S. stock exchanges. The decline is not only to the company but to investors too!

At the moment, the priority is to offer safe shelters to Ukrainians trying to flee to nearby countries; bringing back the everyday work life will, of course, take time as human emotions are most fragile to manage but easy to disrupt.

 Ukrainian software developers are skilled in a variety of technologies.

With the strong academic tradition which nurtures utmost professional skills, you might be amazed to know that Ukraine’s offshore development industry has the technical skills of Java(15.4%), Javascript(18.4%), PHP(10.8%), Python(13.2%). These programming languages being the most in-demand for 2021 makes this region the most desirable to consider when hiring.

Ukraine’s I.T. industry ranks 1st globally for Unity 3D game developers C++ engineers and second to know when looking for talent in JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers. According to Linkedin Research compiled by Daxx and, Ukraine has 9,000 PHP developers, 8,000 Java, 8,000 JavaScript developers, 3,000 Python developers, and 1,000 Ruby on Rails Software developers. For the number of Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, Symfony, and PHP developers, the Ukraine industry ranks 3rd.

 I.T. Workers In Russia Sign Public Anti-War Petition

Russian IT professionals are showing the strength of opposition to the war in Ukraine and are protecting at the act of military aggression and are calling out for peace. The petition is entitled: “An open letter from representatives of the Russian IT industry against the military operation on the territory of Ukraine.”

It is an open petition, and the world can know from the list of names and job titles which company the person works for has signed this petition-includes I.T. professional who identifies themselves as entrepreneurs, product managers, backend developers, product designers, marketing specialists, DevOps engineers, iOS engineers, gameplay developers, system analysts, I.T. recruiters and many more believe in peace over aggression.

We stands against any aggression and hopes that Ukraine comes out of the war more robust than ever.

Do you really think that it is a matter of days, months or years for the revival of IT industry  or we are going towards to a new normal ?



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