How to Choose Between Software Outsourcing Company and Freelance Developer.

The success of SaaS Startups collaborating with software development outsourcing companies is commendable. Hiring the best software developers are crucial to growth. Finding the right talent and training is cumbersome. Are you tight on budget? Hiring a freelancer developer may save you a few bucks but is it the right choice for long-term growth?

The remote team of Software engineers brings diverse expertise to level up your game. You may still have thoughts that why a team and why not a freelance developer? You must not waste your time making wrong choices, between a freelance developer and a software development company. Here’s what you need to know

Software Outsourcing Company Vs Freelance Developers

Hiring and training can be critical. Increasing headcount is not the solution. But what if the freelancer was all rainbows and no clouds! On the other hand, SaaS startup’s having an expert team of full-stack developers and diverse talent can do the job. Unique and error-free software product reflects your professionalism to clients. Can you put it at stake for a freelance software developer?

Why Outsource your Software Engineering Efforts?

Freelancing services may seem low-priced but do they claim success? The dedication of a freelancer to your project may vary from person to person.

Software-Outsourcing development Companies bring versatile expertise to your software product. They keep a full-stack team of software developers. The product managers work for your product so that you can achieve your aim in the time bar set by you.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Software Development Company

Here is what you must know as a startup owner!

  • Security: The software outsourcing company will be legally responsible to protect your Product Copyrights and Intelligent Property Ownership. This cannot be guaranteed with a  freelancer developer.

  • Process: Software outsourcing companies enforce their ‘Best Practices’ and which model they follow such as Scrum, Agile and Rapid Development. Freelancers always lack these systematic practices.
  • Accountability: What if the freelancer backs out at the last minute? Or is unable to deliver on time? You may face many similar reasons on the list but the SaaS Outsourcing Companies will be responsible for giving the end solution in time, no matter if the clouds turn orange!
  • Quality: A software outsourcing company follows industry standards for software product delivery. A reputed company is always responsible to ensure the quality on time. However, for a freelancer, it is difficult to ensure professional output.
  • Communication: The outsourcing company will have a professional aura and will be informing you with Project Updates and will be leading the communication. You can be sure that there will be ‘No-Communication Black-Out’.

82% of freelancers never complete their tasks

Yes, you read it right!

  • Reliability: When dealing with a company, the scope and results are guaranteed. Companies do formal agreements in the form of Legal contracts.  And you get the full right to question them in case of a discrepancy.  However, freelancers are FREE from such legal bounding!
  • Scalability: SaaS outsourcing company will grow as your Remote Team of Experts with no stress of any official hiring or firing. You will be able to scale your growing needs and develop cost-effective software products but hiring multiple freelancers and managing them can bake your creativity.
  • Support: With an outsourcing company, you will have 24/7 Support and even you do not need to worry about employee motivation and training.
  • Flexibility: With having a professional team of Software Engineers by your side, you will have A Close-Knit Technical Team giving you the convenience of people who are engaged in your business activities. In addition, will be available at any critical time for any support.
  • Cost: Freelancers may be available at a lower cost. But there is no room to stumble as being a startup you are running at a thin competitive pace. Professional Software Development Company will be your partner in growth and will prevent you from any Fall!

Remind yourself daily!

That, technology is changing at a fast pace. And you need a solid team with you. You need to build your software products correctly from the very start.  Making the right choice at the start may cost you a little more. But it would surely give you a professionally developed software product.  Remember! competing is not the aim, standing out is.

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Mr. Aleck Jonder


Why UI/UX Design Is Important for Effective Website Development.

  1. The Basics of IT
  2. Key Components of UI/UX Design
  3. Top 5 Reasons why UI UX is important for Successful Web Development
  4. Is UI more important than UX?
  5. Is UI/UX Design Important for the Growth of your business?
  6. Takeaway
  7. Why Do You Need a Professional UI/UX Developer for Your Project?

Ever since the tech industry is exploring options like Metaverse, no business shall even think twice if they need a website or not. Your website is your online presence and your first interaction with your buyers. But do you know the importance of UI/UX to website development? With budding startups, you must aim to increase business sales and learn about changing consumer needs.

Also, it is important that your web app shall have a responsive and user-friendly interface. Before we start discussing, it is best to understand UI/UX design. These two terms are used interchangeably, but many people often confuse their main features.


The Basics of IT

According to stats, 70.4% of businesses fail to get leads due to poor UI/UX; If you are getting lesser organic traffic to your Website, it could be due to poor UI/UX? Read on to check if you are also not making the same mistake.

You may wonder how the user interface can influence or shape the user experience, right! Here is how you can know the difference they both make

Web Design

Web Development

It is the main interface you see on any website

It is the backend development

A user can attract or feel bizarre for any web design

The web development process is not linked with the user interface or user experience

UI and UX is focused on improving web design

The web design is integrated with web development to respond faster to a user request

Key Components of UI/UX Design

You may want to know how a user interacts with UI/UX Designs of any web app, here’s some insight

Interaction Design

UX design focuses on identifying and solving users’ problems. Does your Website have an effective design to answer all questions to any visitor landing on your web page? UI will only make it more pleasing and attractive for the view.

Information Architecture

UX design commonly comes first in the product development process, followed by interactive UI. The UX designers will develop the bare bones for a user’s journey. A well-navigated website can keep 80.5% for the first 20 seconds on the Website. It could be the main reason for an increasing bounce back rate; poor user navigation.

Visual Design

UX focuses on improving digital products and experiences; UX can be applied to every product experience or service.

Of course, you do not know what wire is framing; you can learn about this from ‘A Comprehensive Guide of UI UX Design.’ You only need to ensure that the testing phase has checked for wireframing, which means your Website is structurally correct.


Yes, you have now gotten to the right place. Suppose your Website is not user-friendly, end of the game. Do you know the Key Factors of the User interface? No, it would be best if you learned to ensure that your Website is not lacking here.




Competitor Analysis

Understanding UX design

Customer Analysis

Design Research

Content Development

Branding and Graphic Development

Product Strategy

UI Prototyping

Analysis and Iteration

Adapting to all types of screen sizes

Top 5 Reasons why UI UX is important for Successful Web Development

Let us keep it short; you need to know the below listed top 5 reasons for a good website. You can check it for yourself if your Website has them.

Is your Website Engaging?

User Interface and User experience play an important role in making your Website navigate to the right landing pages. Your visitor may not like to spend more time reading content if you are not offering them $100 off on their first purchase, Bummer.

Your Website needs to have an attractive and pleasing user interface design. If not, your bounce-back rate can lead you down in google ranking.

Building a Brand with a Website?

Is your Website revolving around ‘User Experience‘? Users like to order and ask for service on websites having a responsive design; you may have heard about ‘responsive website.’

Always ask for feedback if your user is making a purchase. It will help you develop a good impression. Your user will feel the importance of them to your business. This is it! Make your customers feel like Superstar!

Is your Website Fast Enough?

Doing it for the first time, rightly, will save a lot of money in the end. Did dedicated developers develop your Website? If yes, it will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the chances of website repair in the long term.
Effective website development is all you need to look for when hiring development services. You need to look for if your in-house development team knows about ‘User Interface Requirements for a Website.’

If not, Book by Robert Pressmen “Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach” is worth reading. Outsourcing software engineering needs to SaaS Startups could be your savior!

Does your UI/UX Design support SEO?

Effective UI/UX design goes hand in glove with the SEO ranking of your Website. Your Website is not coming up in Google Ranking. You need to see if your SEO is well integrated with the responsiveness of UI/UX.

What Increases Conversion on your Website?

Almost every business sells similar products or services. How can you get high-intent leads? An easier and more user-friendly interface helps a user save time and get the right product is what a user looks for.

Yes, you can add similar searches for your user. Amazon used to keep their customers buying from Amazon by offering relevant products to the user search. What have you learned? Increase user engagement.

Is UI more important than UX?

Your Website has a good user interface with flashy graphics, but it does not land the user on the right product page. Will it increase your website conversion rate? Of course not! It will only irritate your user, and they might leave a negative review on your company page.

The juice to effective website development is that you need UI/UX to work well simultaneously.

Is UI/UX Design Important for the Growth of your business?

Asking this would be like a quality product necessary for increasing customers. Your business website is your global representation. Your Website’s User Interface Design represents your vision.

Ask yourself, would you like to purchase from a website that is responsive and quicker in getting to business or the Website that is not user-friendly and does not lead you in the right direction? Now you get it, of course, the former one!


To ensure that your Website is ready to toss the E-commerce industry, you need to see if UI/UX is working perfectly in place. A good option to save money and time is outsourcing software development needs. Is it something new to you? GitHub and slack have done it, and look where they are today.

Why Do You Need a Professional UI/UX Developer for Your Project?

Are you looking for custom development services? DIVSYNC offers an up-to-date tech stack, covering all your development needs. A dedicated UI/UX developer is all you need to make you stand out of the crowd! Talk directly to developers at DIVSYNC.



1.6 Million WordPress Sites Targeted by Massive Attacks.

Cyber security has always been a concern for the IT industry. Recently, an active attack against more than 1.6 million WordPress sites has been suspected to be underway. Researchers have spotted tens of millions of attempts for exploiting four plugins and fifteen Epsilon Themes.

With What Impact has the Attackers have targeted the Plugins?

The scope of the attack is notable as it is coming from 16000 different types of IP addresses and they aim to assign themselves the administration rights. According to word fence analysis, there were 13.7 million attacks noted in the first 36 hours.

Are you concerned about how threatened word press plugins are putting your website at risk? Then you must know which plugins have become the target of this attack. Almost, 55.9% of attacks on WordPress is due to vulnerable plugins.

So should you stop using plugins? Of course Not! without plugins, there will be no features and functionality to your site.

Problematic Plugins

Attackers target plugins WordPress Automatic (Version 3.53.2 or lower), Kiwi Social Share (Version 2.0.10 or lower), Publish Press Capabilities (version 2.3 or lower), Pinterest Automatic (Version 4.14.3 or lower), some of these plugins were recently patched on December 6.

Epic Epsilon

Reports say that the attackers are trying to target function-injection vulnerability in numerous Epsilon Framework themes, these features use to support remote code execution. Do you know that it is the Epsilon theme that any site builder uses to make your website look appealing? But, you need to check from the list below if any of the themes are applied on your website. If it is, you need to take immediate action.

The attacked themes are:

Activello <=1.4.0







MedZone Lite<=1.2.4

Nature Mag Lite-No Patch, So users shall uninstall it immediately

News Mag <=2.4.1

News Paper X<=1.3.1

Pixova Lite <=2.0.5

Regina Lite <=2.0.4

Shapely <=1.2.7

Transcend <=1.1.8

The above-listed themes are reported to have anchored a similar attack in Nov 2020 as reported by Word Fence. This time the attackers are aiming to take over the administrative rights over the website.

Time to Patch

Word Fence has released the statement that the massive campaign and the vulnerabilities targeting these sites, it has become important to update the security of these sites. It is recommended that if your website has been using any of the above-listed plugins, you need to update your website to the patched version.

At DIVSYNC, we understand the difficulties you may face if you are running multiple WordPress Sites. You can trust the dedicated WordPress Developers at DIVSYNC to keep your site out of any threat.
Look no further and talk to the Word Press Developer Directly.



Understanding the Pandemic Impact on Ecommerce in 2022.


Brands across the globe, on top of the health concerns, have had grave concerns over the rampant impact of Pandemic(Covid-19) on their sales, industry, and eCommerce as a whole. The sudden shift from Brick-and-Mortar to online stores has fueled eCommerce growth. With new variants of Coronavirus rolling in, You must have seen LinkedIn poles, people preferring to look for remote-friendly work as a safety precaution.

DIVSYNC LDA, Web development agency Divsync, Website development company Divsync,
Pandemic Impact on Ecommerce

But eCommerce and retail businesses have begun to experience behavioral shifts in shopping habits! Indeed the crisis for one is always an opportunity for another. According to a report by UNCTAD, total retail sales increased from 19% to 26.7% in 2022.

  1. Pandemic has planked Ecommerce at Forefront of Retail
  2. Coronavirus Vs Ecommerce: The Latest Picture.
  3. Covid-19-Opportunities and Challenges for eCommerce.
  4. Opportunities for Ecommerce during Pandemic.
  5. Challenges for Ecommerce during Pandemic.
  6. Covid-19 Disruption-Strategic Takeaways for Online Retailers.
  7. What should Consumers Expect-5 Post-Pandemic Predictions?
  8. Pandemic has planked Ecommerce at Forefront of Retail

For better or worse, no industry has gone untouched by the pandemic. Since the bans are lifting, the world is awakening under the fear of a pandemic looming. The safety measures have presented multiple ways of staying safe and these all go through online retail.

Either due to strict lockdown restrictions or for fulfilling the necessities, the consumers had to adapt to digital transformation. Retailers, who have identified the trend and planned for a strong online retail strategy, had a better survival rate than their counterparts.

Every Challenge comes with Rainbow and Lights to Conquer it- Amit Ray

Coronavirus Vs Ecommerce: The Latest Picture

Consumer behavior, Consumer expectation, UI, UX, web development, DIVSYNC
A shift in shopping habits

ECommerce Sales

With the available data, it can be easily observed how the coronavirus pandemic has hammered buying behavior for online shopping. Meanwhile, the total retail sales declined during the second quarter of 2022.
Digital Commerce 360 Analysis of US Commerce Data reported Consumer Spent $347.26 billion in online stores and this shopping data is not only limited to US businesses but for global businesses too. Have you been able to get a responsive web app developed for improving your customer’s access and giving a great customer experience?
The retail giant Walmart, Sainsbury launched their online stores for their customers. It was identified in time that the shoppers are looking for safe shopping. The total sales of these retailers reported increased sales through their online stores. It shows that the customer’s preference is still buying sitting at home, saving themselves from contracting Covid and getting the best deals too.

Covid-19-Opportunities and Challenges for Ecommerce

The total retail has immensely increased for the first quarter of 2022 and reflects the current consumer behavior pattern. The SMEs shifting their sales online shall learn from the big retail giants leading the competition. Switching from in-store to online will not only save additional infrastructure costs but will also help you in reaching out to the global markets.
However, the pandemic has created uncertainties and has similarly influenced the market as back in 2008 but even during this disrupted process, you can find opportunities for leading your business to get high-intent customers reaching out to your online store.

Opportunities for Ecommerce during Pandemic

Buyers will prefer to stay at home and keep themselves safe. While buying from home, they may only know the big names and brands. But you need to ensure that you are identifying the needs of the buyers and offering the best quality at the most affordable rates.

  1. Know that there is an existent economic crunch and your buyers would like to get the best value for their purchase.
  2. Consumers are mostly panic buying. Make sure that you have everything in store they need and is getting short at big brands.
  3. Make sure that you are identifying the needs of the buyer. For this, you need to know your customer. A good web app can help you get relevant big data for future decisions. AI-based mobile apps are the best used for this purpose.

Challenges for Ecommerce during Pandemic

With opportunities comes challenges as in any expected scenario. Looking closely at the challenges you may face as a newbie in this business can help you to prevent failure. Here’s what you need to know

  1. Supply chain issues– You need to learn about lean eCommerce. Only stock up when you identify an increasing need for the product. Customer trends change and you may leave stocking up for unwanted products.
  2. Make sure you are offering flexible ways of payment and immediate delivery services. Customers getting their product within two days can be your loyal customers and may switch Amazon for that!
  3. The surge in online orders is heaping pressure on businesses to fulfill them. Make sure that you are updating your website with additional features to engage in increasing traffic. Hiring a dedicated team for android and iOS apps has been in trend these days.

Covid-19 Disruption-Strategic Takeaways for Online Retailers

 Mobile app development company Divsync , web development company in Europe, Web development company in USA
Challenges for Ecommerce Startups

Look Ahead and Reframe your Efforts
Make a crisis plan and response for a strategy for Post-Coronavirus. You should be quick in this and come up with customer centric approach to pique user experiences.
Shift your Sales Channel Mix
Sales are shifting from Brick and Mortar, and Person-to-Person to online trends. Redirect your sales efforts to new channels including B2B and B2C. If you are new to the online world, consider selling at multiple online platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Ali Baba.
Respond to Needs
Changing customer needs are making room for innovation. Due to the crisis, many companies will shift their focus to defensive moves. Make sure that you know what your customers are looking for. You can get this information using AI solutions.
Offer Great Discounts
Due to the economic crisis, buyers are looking for the best deals. If you can entertain this need, you will be able to retain maximum customer attention.

What should Consumers Expect-5 Post-Pandemic Predictions

Since the pandemic is expected to stay until 2025, there is a chance of a shift in consumer preference and buying trends. Here is what you should expect from online selling and how much you can get benefits from it
Low-touch Economy will survive and Ecommerce will continue to Benefit
Since the pandemic is shaping up the buying behavior and the new wave of Omnicron has been raising alarms, online shopping trends are going to thrive successfully and safely until 2025.
Every Business will find a Way to Sell Online
If you are unable to find products, which you used to, shop in pre-pandemic, Rest assured due to the global online retail market you will be able to get a similar product at a much lesser price at your doorstep, Happy Shopping!
The Most Successful Ecommerce businesses will offer you great deals for Easter
If you were looking to buy something but were waiting to get the best deals. Easter is the time. You will get the best deals on Amazon. Successful online retailers know how to keep their customers happy.

Take Away

To conclude, Coronavirus is a challenge to every walk of life. From businesses facing a bankrupt situation and with increasing unemployment, inflation, and economic crisis, buyers look forward towards online retailing as a savior and to getting the best deals within limited resources.

If you can offer quality services in keeping the minimum profit range, you can retain the loyalty of buyers for the long term. Make sure that you can know your customers and apply the Walmart rule, sell maximum at minimum prices and increase sales to bring major revenue.

Your quick decisions and focusing on alternatives like outsourcing your development needs can bring immediate and effective solutions that will not only provide you with the solution but will be your partner throughout the product life cycle.

Look no further, DIVSYNC offers unique fusion of dedicated team model and project management to expedite development process. Our customer-centric, battle tested strategies is all you need to become word of mouth, talk to the developer directly!



Everything you need to Know for Ecommerce Success in 2022.

  1. 5 Useful Tips for eCommerce success
  2. Put User Experience First
  3. Do you have a Clear Brand Identity?
  4. How to get traffic to your Website? Using Paid-Ads and Content Marketing
  5. A secure Website is a Right Website
  6. Get Testing and Take Away
  7. You work on the product, We work on the platform

E-commerce is overtaking the retail sector. Amidst the global pandemic, E-commerce sales amounted to approximately $612.86 billion in 2021. That is a big amount! In addition, it is not something new

How to Get the Best Online Shopping Website?

Almost every business goes online from Brick and mortar stores. The competition is leveling up the user’s expectations. Your business must have a responsive e-Commerce website to last a positive impression on the user.

What does a successful E-commerce store look like? It is indeed an important question to ask yourself if you do not know the Top Trends for e-Commerce in 2022. Here are some tips to help you understand the impactful eCommerce template you need for your online store.

Are you looking for some solid advice to know the secret ingredient to eCommerce success in 2022? There is a lot to learn, let’s dive in

5 Useful Tips for eCommerce success

Though there are many for you, it is dissected in most important parts

Put User Experience First

Who is the boss? User, right. Your complete website shall be working on keeping your visitors convenient and hassle-free while finding the products on your website. Is it possible? If it is then congratulations, you have hit the BULL!
If your website is difficult to scroll through, you are ruining your user experience. The site visitor or the ‘potential lead‘ will not prefer staying on your website. Keep in mind that there are millions of other businesses serving similar services as yours.

So, how are you planning to keep your services unique? Of course by offering a seamless user experience. To make sure that users do not leave your website, your website should have the easiest, most user-friendly, and simple user interface. An interactive user interface will keep your visitor intact and ensure a quality user experience.

You need to know your target audience! With mobile phones becoming a ‘companion’, buyers like to visit eCommerce stores using mobile phones. Is your web app optimized for a smart view? Not every user may visit your website through the desktop. Most Probably, it could be one of the main reasons that your website is not getting enough traffic.

More importantly, your website should be responsive to users’ clicks. Slow pages are irritating. A quicker response saves the user time. In addition, your web app needs to have a good quality content structure. Yes, it is also important. If users are unable to relate, they will bounce back and the more the ratio of users leaving your site will bring your web app low in ranking!
Other things that can help you manage and improve the UI and UX of your website are

1- Make sure that your content is easy and readable
2- Use high-quality relevant images and posters!
3- Offer immediate and good customer support
4- Ask for feedback, it will help you know what customers think of your website and services.
5- There is always room for improvement.

Do you have a Clear Brand Identity?

Your brand design is your identity. Your product is known for it. Make sure that you have a unique and simpler brand design that relates to consumers’ needs. Not only product but brand design can help you stand out from your competitors. You can use different techniques for having a brand identity such as a logo, theme, image, or layout. It all depends on your creativity.

Other brass tacks that need to be kept in mind for brand design are

Don’t over-crowd your website
Your website is your representation; hence, it should not be messy. Having loads of images, different colors and sections may divert the attention of the buyer.

How to get traffic to your Website? Using Paid-Ads and Content Marketing
A successful eCommerce store is more than UI and UX. It is important to get traffic towards your website to keep it up and running on top scores. If you are finding it hard to get it done, here are some methods to help you gain the leads
Social media marketing is the finest tool used these days to get the attention of buyers. You need to understand the power of words here. The right content gets to the heart and jiggles the brain to make an impulsive decision.

Paid social ads are another way of getting the right traffic. Your customers’ needs recommendations before buying. Give them what they want to see and hear.

Search Engine optimization, the buzz in town. Yes, it is the need for business growth. Do you know about Best SEO practices for 2022? It helps in improving your website ranking on Google and gaining organic traffic.

A secure Website is a Right Website

Is your website secure enough for protecting users’ data? Of course, every website has cookies to register users’ interest but are you keeping it safe? It is a digital economy. If your website is not safe, no customer no matter what precious you are selling will visit your web app.

To check if your website is safe or not, Here’s what you should look for
1- Choose a safe website hosting platform for your website.
2- Does your website have an SSL certificate? If not, get one!
3- Regularly check and update your website’s firewall.
4- Hire dedicated teams for data processing and payments.
5- Make sure that your website is updated every quarterly.
6- Shipping! The most important step in completing the buying process
Does your website offer flexible shipping? You need to know that customers are sensitive towards shipping. No matter if they are spending hundreds of dollars, they will not spend an additional amount on shipping costs. More importantly, if they do not find a suitable shipping method, they will exit and abandon the shopping cart.

Few tips to enhance user experience

1- Offer free shipping, if your customer is buying more than a set scale, they deserve free shipping.
2- Offer different payment methods, such as Credit card, debit card, PayPal, Cash on delivery, or more suitable as per the location.
Get Testing and Take Away
It is important to know if your eCommerce solution is a success or not. It will help you improve your website to gain traffic that is more organic. With the booming eCommerce industry, practicing right can guarantee a successful eCommerce store for 2022.

You work on the product, We work on the platform

Jack of all trades indeed has some limits, when it comes to specializing in some specific area. No matter how good an E-shop or E-commerce platform you build, If your product is not having satisfactory results for the client. You can’t be successful. Therefore, you should work on your ideas and let the other professional team of software engineers/ web developers or specialized eCommerce development company bring this idea into a functional reality.

100’s of satisfied customers have already chosen DIVSYNC as a software development company.

Do you have an idea? Discuss with our senior software engineer today!


Russian war in Ukraine is a threat to the global IT industry.

On 23rd Feb 2022, Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine swept internet outages. The budding offshore development industry ranks Fifth for supporting the U.K., U.S., and Europe software development needs.

Becoming a defender from a developer, in one day, was swift but hard for top developers who are dedicated to their work. Still, they are busy saving Ukraine from Russian brutality when it comes to freedom. Kerry Harald, CEO of the UK-based trade group, the Global Sourcing Association, stated that the conflict would have huge repercussions on the I.T. sector. Because Ukrainian offshore development companies engaged in most development needs in recent years due to their cutting-edge software development services.

DIVSYNCweb development. outsourcing company, IT industry
War threatens Off-shore growth of IT industry

According to Forbes 2019, Ukraine ranks 5th at freelance offshore development, whereas Russia ranks 9th.

War is political and has choked the booming growth of the I.T. sector in Ukraine. Ukraine I.T. association recorded growth for the year 2021 to increase by 36% to $6.8 billion from 2020, simultaneously, Russian development sector contradicting war and standing with Ukraine are pinned down and detained for standing in favor of their counterparts.

Technology companies, including London-based financial technology companies like Revolt, German Software provider SAP SE, and Israel-based Company Fiverr and Wix, famous for Website design and development, have hired developers from this region.

Thousands of ongoing projects are put on hold. After the supply-chain crisis, the software world will face a colossal crunch because of the unavailability of web developers and software engineers from Ukraine.

 Why do tech giants choose to hire software developers from Ukraine?

High-class technical education focusing on the latest tech stack, ethical compliance, thorough professional attitude is why it’s relatively easy to hire front-end developers and backend developers with top-notch skills to build high-load systems with complex logic.

You have been a thorough user of apps developed by Ukrainian developers! WhatsApp, the world-famous app is developed by a Ukrainian developer. Jan Koum is the main behind the most downloaded app. Being a computer engineer and Ukrainian- American executive who built the global mobile messaging app acquired by Facebook in 2014, it is also used as a primary business tool for most startups.

The resilient outsourcing development industry of Ukraine has no shortage of Android app developers and iOS developers either. That is why Apple Microsoft had been relying in the majority on mobile app developers and web developers from this region.

 Future of Ukrainian I.T. industry after this war situation

Ukraine is a hotbed of talent, said Katie Grove, an analyst at researcher Gartner Inc. Approximately 85,000 to 100,000 export services workers employed predominantly in I.T. services and software engineering sector will be inaccessible if the situation prolongs.

Since millions of projects are on hold, companies will attempt to mitigate Russian aggression and move their projects to remote teams in other locations, she added. Many countries are coming in support of Ukraine and sending large batches of weapons, which, once the war is over, can threaten peace if got into the wrong hands. Such situations take years to come back to normal, and the tech sector with ongoing development cannot wait to hold onto projects this long.

EPAM, Bucks-county-based software outsourcing firms closed down their shares by 46%. Company sources said it was helping evacuate its engineers from Ukraine and cannot predict their financial forecast for this year amid the Russian Invasion and ongoing military action in Ukraine.

EPAM closed at $207.75 a share on a day when Jittery investors worried about the impact of western sanctions on Russia and War after-math; a drop of EPAM shared by 45.68% was the largest for three leading U.S. stock exchanges. The decline is not only to the company but to investors too!

At the moment, the priority is to offer safe shelters to Ukrainians trying to flee to nearby countries; bringing back the everyday work life will, of course, take time as human emotions are most fragile to manage but easy to disrupt.

 Ukrainian software developers are skilled in a variety of technologies.

With the strong academic tradition which nurtures utmost professional skills, you might be amazed to know that Ukraine’s offshore development industry has the technical skills of Java(15.4%), Javascript(18.4%), PHP(10.8%), Python(13.2%). These programming languages being the most in-demand for 2021 makes this region the most desirable to consider when hiring.

Ukraine’s I.T. industry ranks 1st globally for Unity 3D game developers C++ engineers and second to know when looking for talent in JavaScript, Scala, and Magento developers. According to Linkedin Research compiled by Daxx and, Ukraine has 9,000 PHP developers, 8,000 Java, 8,000 JavaScript developers, 3,000 Python developers, and 1,000 Ruby on Rails Software developers. For the number of Node.js, Python, ASP.NET, Ruby, Symfony, and PHP developers, the Ukraine industry ranks 3rd.

 I.T. Workers In Russia Sign Public Anti-War Petition

Russian IT professionals are showing the strength of opposition to the war in Ukraine and are protecting at the act of military aggression and are calling out for peace. The petition is entitled: “An open letter from representatives of the Russian IT industry against the military operation on the territory of Ukraine.”

It is an open petition, and the world can know from the list of names and job titles which company the person works for has signed this petition-includes I.T. professional who identifies themselves as entrepreneurs, product managers, backend developers, product designers, marketing specialists, DevOps engineers, iOS engineers, gameplay developers, system analysts, I.T. recruiters and many more believe in peace over aggression.

We stands against any aggression and hopes that Ukraine comes out of the war more robust than ever.

Do you really think that it is a matter of days, months or years for the revival of IT industry  or we are going towards to a new normal ?



Top E-Commerce Technologies to Choose In 2022 for Your Website.

What does the choice of E-commerce Technologies depend on?

Custom ECommerce Development

E-Commerce Software

Shopping Cart Software

A tech-Stack for an E-Commerce Store

Modern E-Commerce Platforms

What eCommerce Platforms are successful amongst popular brands?

Final Thoughts

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was an ideal year of growth for the E-commerce industry. Lockdown restrictions encouraged businesses to have their Custom e-commerce website application.

. Are you facing the issue of lesser traffic towards your website?

Lesser traffic means lesser sales; your app is not standing in search and is not reciprocating the user’s search intent. E-commerce startups! you are in waters with many online retailers using the latest E-commerce trends to boost their sales.

The changing tech stack for the eCommerce industry is responsible for shaping the Landscape of E-Commerce in 2022. E-commerce is now about meeting consumers’ needs where they are. You may find it difficult to respond to consumers’ needs-24/7 but now this worry cannot keep you awake all night.  Here is what you need to know

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Online Ecommerce Shop

Which  E-commerce Technologies to choose for an online shop?

Your seamless user journey is all you need to focus on while trusting any technology you are offered. The main difference between an ordinary website and an online shop is the payment method and shopping cart features. How to get it? You can use different technologies to get these, Here’s what you need to know
Although it does depend upon your business size and budget, you can choose from

1- Customer E-Commerce Platform Development

2- Ecommerce Software

3- Shopping Cart Software

Let’s have a closer look at these and help you understand which one to look for that best suits your business

Custom ECommerce Development

Though it is the most expensive and time-consuming option, if you have a unique idea then it is the best solution. It will give you the edge of choosing what to offer your customers. Also, you can easily add in more products and features due to its pre-built framework.

Do you want things your way? Yes, with Custom ECommerce development you can decide how your customers can find products by checking out. Big Companies like Amazon and eBay have made their place integrating CRM and payment solutions.

E-Commerce Software

It is a one-stop solution. It depends upon the platform, marketing tools, payment processes, you can build one of the professional e-Commerce websites.

It would be ok to say that a convenient storefront and smooth customer journey are key factors for getting more conversions. Do not forget that your website shall be equally responsive on mobile as well.
Do you have a small and medium-sized business? Then an online shop on an existing e-Commerce platform with light-medium traffic suits you the best.

Shopping Cart Software

Do you have a website already? and do you want to add a product catalog only? It is the best option for you. This type of solution offers plugins and extensions for a website. Though, you will have limited merchant tools, a virtual storefront, and a payment gateway.

But the biggest factor that is best for your interest and you must know before making a decision is that it does not offer a responsive design! Alas, you will lose your potential website traffic. Therefore, you had better measure the odds.

A tech-Stack for an E-Commerce Store

Front-End E-commerce Technologies

Do you know what your visitors see for the first time on your website? It is the front-end! If your product page is taking too long to load, your visitor will exit your web app. The optimal time for an online shop to respond is 2.5 seconds. If your website is taking too long then this will not only lose customers but will rank lower in the Google SERP.

Responsive design has become the most important feature in front-end development. By 2021, mobile-based sales accounted for 38.6% of total E-commerce sales. It means that if you are not getting enough customer ordering from mobiles, your website does not have a responsive design.

You may want to know more about how to work on front-end development. To be precise, the designing teams develop prototypes using wireframing and hand them over to the developing team. It depends upon the expertise of the development team you have hired if they use JavaScript Libraries, CSS, and HTML 5.

Back-End E-commerce Technologies

It is something complex. To help you understand, if the skeleton is not developed well, your complete website is a failure. Errors and bugs if not fixed are a nightmare for a website to function. One thing you should know is that the most popular languages used for developing the back-end are Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP.

Modern E-Commerce Platforms

After understanding the main requirements for eCommerce platforms, now it is time to make you learn about e-commerce platforms. Keep on reading below

As a business owner, what shall you expect of an eCommerce platform:

1- A system that will help you to sell products or services to a new or existing market.

2- Getting to know your customer’s needs and wants well.

3- You will be able to know how you can differentiate your brands and customer expectations.

4- Your website offers a personalized customer experience and If the website has a responsive design

Finding the best technology for a successful e-commerce website is very important. Here’s how you can get to know about one

Hosted Ecommerce Platform

Hosted e-commerce platform hosts your store on its platform. Technically, it is not the hosting only but the support like shopping cart functions, you can have this security here. However, You may have to pay monthly fees depending upon your business size and monthly financial transactions.

Mobile app development company Divsync , web development company in Europe, Web development company in USA
Challenges for Ecommerce Startups


It is known for its user-friendly admin panel. But it has the downsides like the users have the limited option for customization. It means that you cannot dream to offer a unique shopping experience if you use Shopify.
But you can add new features to your website using add-ons. Yes, you can give every week a new look at your online store.

Big Commerce

It is the most popular hosting eCommerce platform amongst beginners. But the customization option is even less than Shopify. The platform has a simple admin panel but you can buy a customized theme for giving it a unique look.

Self-Hosted Ecommerce Platform

Yes, you understood right. It will only give you the software solution without a web hosting service. It includes a variety of open source solutions and yet you can add a WordPress website to it.
You can be in control of your eCommerce store and can aim for a personalized shopping experience. You can move the shop from one hosting server to another whenever you want


It is a famous technology in medium to large-sized businesses. The user gives the flexibility of customization and personalization. Do you want to know technicality because you may be unable to understand if you do not have the information and basics about software development?


1- Simply getting to the point, it is known as a plug-in for WordPress Websites. Therefore, if you want to convert a blog into a money-making online shop, this is the right option.

2- With as much customization you want. From adding product filters to adding in new functionalities, you can hire a word press developer for it.

3- If you want to offer something unique you can easily find a dedicated developer or hire an eCommerce development team to work on it from scratch.

What eCommerce Platforms are successful amongst popular brands?

DIVSYNC LDA, Web development agency Divsync, Website development company Divsync, Top 10 web development companies
Startup’s Growth Curve

Successful online stores mostly belong to established businesses and brands. The only main feature these businesses want is to stay accessible to their customers. Custom features are most commonly used.

It comes from deep research that Magento is the most desired and trusted technology for successful or what we call the custom eCommerce websites. Do you want to know the names? The list is long but let’s share a few names: Coca-Cola, Ford, Paul Smith, Nike, and many more. Customization and flexibility are the highlighting features.

Final Thoughts

Online retailers may use any technology as per their suitability. But one must know it is not the tech stack that brings you success. But your business vision and how uniquely it is presented. Get a Business-to-Business portal for your future eCommerce growth together with a custom eCommerce website loaded with all necessary features like one window connection with customers, vendors, and suppliers. If you have any concerns related to custom e-commerce technology stack or you have an idea for your future project! Talk to our eCommerce dedicated developers at DIVSYNC.



Quick Guide to Ecommerce Website Development.


Thinking about building your eCommerce store, but not sure where to begin? Well, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got you covered. This quick guide to eCommerce website development will help you create your eCommerce store quickly and easily. 

Before we jump into the details, let’s look at some critical stats regarding e-commerce to understand better where the trend is heading. 

Important Ecommerce Stats

According to Oberlo, eCommerce sales are expected to account for 18.1% of retail sales this year. 

As per the finding by Oberlo, the number of global digital buyers is expected to hit 2.14 billion in 2021. 

According to 99Firms’ Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, eCommerce will account for 95% of all purchases by 2040. 

The Global Consumer Survey Report 2019 showed that users are more likely to purchase a product online using their smartphone rather than desktop devices. 


Ecommerce website the development-The quick and easy way 

Read down below to find out more.

Perform Market Research and find your Niche

Before you build your online eCommerce store, you need to decide on a physical product that you will be selling. You certainly don’t want to put all the effort into building an eCommerce store only to find out later that people are not interested in buying what you are selling. Sounds horrible. 

Well, there’s no need to worry. You can avoid this by doing market research and finding your Niche. To ensure that your online business is profitable, you might want to choose a profitable niche.  

Ideally, it would be the one that has a growing number of potential numbers, with a limited number of competitors in the market.

Look for Trending Products 

Ecommerce trends are constantly changing—the products top-trending today may not even be searched tomorrow.

Therefore, you must look for a product that won’t become outdated anytime soon. It’sIt’s always wise to use different online business tools and tactics to get an accurate picture of your market.  

There are tons of different tools that can be used to identify trending products and services; some of them are: 

  • Google Trends: This tool provides users with insights regarding specific product keywords’ past and future trends. Through this tool, users can get a better idea of whether the product’s market trend is growing or falling. 
  • TrendHunter: This website can be helpful to find the products that are trending across the world. Also, users can specify their search with the help of an available filter that lets you filter results based on different industries.

Choose the suitable business model

Read down below to find out the difference between business models for eCommerce stores.  

  • B2C Ecommerce Stores

B2C eCommerce or business-to-consumer refers to online e-commerce sales transactions between a business and individual customers.

According to Statista, we can expect to see significant growth in B2C e-commerce in the retail industry in the next few years. Compared to 2019, global revenues are expected to increase by 85%.  

B2C stores are suitable for online retailers that are targeting individual end consumers.  

  • B2B Ecommerce Stores

B2B eCommerce or business to business e-commerce is the sale of goods and services between two businesses.

According to a survey conducted in 2018, 48% of businesses are reported to make 50-74% purchases online. Also, as indicated by Forrester Research Inc., the B2B e-commerce market is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023. 

  • C2C Ecommerce Stores

C2C eCommerce or consumer-to-consumer e-commerce refers to online e-commerce sales transactions between two or more consumers. Consumers are provided with an online environment where they can interact and sell/purchase goods and services from other consumers.  

Statista recorded more than 100 million visits to the leading C2C and buy/sell marketplaces in 2020. 

That shows that C2C eCommerce is becoming increasingly popular among sellers who want to increase their revenue by connecting with customers they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise through traditional marketing methods. 

Choose your Ecommerce Platform

Once you are done choosing the Niche, you will be targeting the product you are going to be selling. The next step is to select the eCommerce website development platform that you will utilize for your online eCommerce store.  

When it comes to picking an eCommerce platform, there are many options. Let’s look at the top 3 most potent eCommerce web solutions. 

  • Shopify  

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce stores. The fact that Shopify eCommerce stores are so easy to create and customize makes it one of the best eCommerce platforms for online retailers.

Also, it features several different eCommerce website templates and themes that can be customized according to your brand’s requirements. It is a fully hosted platform that offers several add-ons and SEO additions.  

If you are not familiar with how Shopify works, you might want to hire a Shopify development company to develop your website.

You might be interested in reading: HOW TO DEVELOP E-COMMERCE WEBSITES WITH SHOPIFY

  • Magento  

Magento is another popular eCommerce platform, but unlike Shopify, it requires technical knowledge to build. Therefore, most eCommerce businesses prefer to hire a Magento development company to create a fully functional eCommerce website.

  • WooCommerce  

Lastly, WooCommerce is another open-source, fully customizable eCommerce platform best suited to small to medium-sized businesses.

WooCommerce allows users to build an online store using WordPress. One of the best things about WooCommerce is that it is free, and the underlying WordPress software is also free.

Since it is easy to understand and manage, you won’t need to hire a whole Woocomerce development company to create your website for you.

Start Designing your Website

Once you are done choosing the platform, you can start focusing on the website’s design. If you want to go about the design quickly and without spending much money, you might want to check out pre-designed templates that you can purchase at an affordable cost.  

However, this might not be the best option for you. It’sIt’s better that you avoid this option unless you are 100% satisfied with the template as it is.

Altering this template to make it look like the picture you have in mind is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort, which pretty much kills the whole point of opting for the ready-made template. 

Therefore, if you have a particular design in mind, it’s better to get a custom-made template. This will allow you to get the website design of your exact choice. 

Here are some things to consider while choosing a template

  • Features you want in your store

 Make a list of the features you would want your website to have. The features on your website are what make your website operational and exciting. Therefore, it’s vital to include valuable features that make it easier for visitors to use your website. 

  • Homepage style

Your website’s home page forms the very first impression when someone first visits your online eCommerce store. Choose a homepage style according to your business goal that would fit the whole look of your website. 

  • Smooth navigation

One of the most critical factors that affect the success of your website is whether or not it offers smooth navigation. The majority of visitors are most likely to leave your website if it is not easy to navigate. So, make sure that it’s easy for your website visitors to find the product they are looking for.

Do Search Engine Optimization

Once you are done designing your website, SEO optimization is the next thing to focus on. Using the right SEO strategies can help your website rank higher in search results.

Also, getting organic traffic depends on the relevance of your content in the eyes of web crawlers.  

The two most important things to keep in mind while going for SEO optimization are: 

  • Keyword research 

Make sure you do proper keyword research to understand better what customers are frequently searching for. If the content of your website is not targeting the right keywords, then the chances are that your website won’t receive sufficient traffic. 

  • On-site optimization

On-site optimization refers to making your site more usable, accessible, and eye-catching. Use headings, titles, filters, drop-down menus, search bar, and more to make your site easy to use.

Add Payment Options

When it comes to online stores, the more payment options available, the better, it has been shown through studies that customers are most likely to abandon their shopping carts if the website is not offering the payment options of their choice. 

To ensure that you don’t lose customers because of this one major mistake, try to make the checkout process simple and user-friendly. Also, it is better to include as many payment options as you can, such as cash on delivery, debit card, credit card, etc.

Pay proper attention to Online Marketing

Once you have designed and optimized your website and it’s up and running. The next step is to start marketing it. This will help attract potential to your website and build your brand reputation. 

 There are many ways to market your product or your website. You can opt for email marketing, online advertising, or social activity on social media platforms; whatever option suits your business the most. 

Many development companies that offer eCommerce website development services also provide the option of online marketing of your website.


That’s it for now. Overall, eCommerce website development is not a difficult task if you plan out the whole process of building and designing your website from the start.

Also, the right marketing strategies can help get the revenues flowing quickly. We hope this guide to eCommerce website development helped you!



How Metaverse can reshape Fintech?.

Is the buzz for Metaverse real? And, how it can revolutionize the financial world?

The concept of virtual worlds has been in knowledge for 20 years but recently, the tween of two realms, the physical world, and the virtual world, resulted in Metaverse. Social media has influenced real lives and is the reason behind hyped user expectations. Metaverse will be an opportunity for users to design their own happiness!

Pandemic was the main driving factor for acceleration towards technology adoption. User’s interest in Metaverse is a fling for other technologies like AR, Blockchain, cryptocurrency; vis-à-vis, building digital assets and digital presence for both, individuals and businesses. Since living with Pandemic is a new normal; these promising technologies will keep on solving users’ daily routine challenges.

DIVSYNC webdevelopment company, DIVSYNC blockchain fintech solution
Fintech Solutions


1- What Do We Know of the Metaverse?

2- Some of the commonly known characteristics of Metaverse.

3- How will virtual space Impact the Fintech World?

4- Fintech Solutions in the Metaverse.

5- The user of Cryptocurrency in video games.

6- NFTs and Metaverse.

The Future of Fintech in the Metaverse

Apple has been the leading tech giant is introducing new trends in its solutions. Much awaited iPhone 12 Pro Max has LiDAR sensors and is rumored to be the first smartphone to generate a 3D model with a simple camera. With the talks in town of VR headset technology and Augmented Reality, Metaverse is not a product developed in isolation.

Finances have always been a sensitive topic, the budding fintech industry has now gripped the financial sector due to their unique, safe, and seamless fintech solutions.

What Do We Know of the Metaverse?

Facebook is always in the Limelight for its new features and interactive user experience. Metaverse was indeed a discovery for users as they now expect to use their Facebook profiles in Metaverse. Is it possible and will this technology be commonly available? Metaverse is a virtual reality and based on Blockchain, the same technology used for building mighty fintech and NFTs.

The Metaverse is not an ecosystem but a personalized and customized space for every user to experience augmented reality, virtual reality, and glimpses of the real world, simultaneously. Some of the commonly known characteristics of Metaverse

1- Users can enjoy freedom; go back in forth in time, as it has no time and space limitation

2- Users can do whatever they want to do; it is new life for people with disabilities

3- Users can network and will be able to share their space with other users

4- It is a different life and users may need to shop too, here comes the role of Fintech and the most buzzed word in town ‘NFTs.’

How will virtual space Impact the Fintech World?

Metaverse is a dream come true for game lovers. The gaming industry can put forth Metaverse, to ply a virtual reality user experience, of being ‘In the Game.’ The gaming industry using augmented reality along with Blockchain is generating a unique gaming experience, where the players will win not only a game but also points in the form of NFTs.

Users can buy Real Estate Property and with the brands like NIKE, H&M, and even Walmart entering Metaverse, the need for digital payments is met by Fintech solutions. It could be another opportunity for investors to secure their investment using NFTs, Blockchain in Fintech can help users to use their finances simultaneously in the virtual world and real world.

Fintech Solutions in the Metaverse

Novi is the hot stock for traders since Facebook launched this digital wallet app. Fintech has the future to grow not only in the real world but in the virtual world too. With Google launching its virtual world but it is closely linked with the real world using augmented reality, Fintech will have a wide scope of facilitating a big chunk of user-segment.

The user of Cryptocurrency in video games

The gaming industry has been fun as well as a career stream for many. The introduction of the digital world has made gaming more fun and the user experience is taken to a next level by launching cryptocurrency in video games. Now players can play to win and Earn a Living. Crypto becoming prevailing trend may yearn to eCommerce industry to add another payment method accepting the digital currency for sales and purchases.

NFTs and Metaverse

Social media has been a revolution in the lives of the majority of users. Twitter planning to facilitate artists and creators to sell their art in NFTs can be a new trend and for these users may need to have their digital wallet, another great opportunity for Fintech solution developers.

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Metaverse is a new Virtual World

The Future of Fintech in the Metaverse

Although it is in its nascent stage, in a couple of years, Metaverse will be ready to serve at all levels, Facebook will be the pioneer of Metaverse, and Fintech startups can benefit by focusing on developing supporting services for these Giant new universes about to unveil. On top of that, the major fintech players can upgrade their existing services and participate in Coinbase, an upcoming NFT marketplace. Like-minded people can now share their interests safely, swiftly, and even make money out of it.



Custom Fintech Software Development-All you need to know.



Do you know what Custom Fintech Software Development is?

What are the important components of Fintech Solution?


In a highly competitive business environment, uniqueness and originality serve as core values to successful business development. That is why clients like you these days prefer custom software solutions that are individually and specific to their needs.

Custom Fintech software development can be more cost-effective when it comes to fintech solutions. Have you ever used online payment and felt insecure if you are safe sharing your personal financial details? If yes, financial custom software development is all you need to boost fintech’s digital acceleration.

As of 2022, 60% of SMEs in Ukraine are currently working on at least one fintech product development

Do you know what Custom Fintech Software Development is?

DIVSYNC fintech solution, fintech developer, DIVSYNC Payment solution
Fintech development solution

Online financial transactions have been worrying users. The need for sage payment is the initial step if you are seeking global participation. Fintech custom solutions are responsible for providing seamless and safe payment transfer solutions for customers.

Have you used PayPal then you are also a part of the Fintech industry!

Are you curious to know that the success of the E-commerce industry is also in sync with the growth of fintech? Yes, you have now understood. The global business adventures have only been a success due to custom fintech solutions.

What are the important components of Fintech Solution?

Fintech initially was focusing on serving the bank and financial sector only. The growing need for safe online transactions particularly serving the B2C approach is what has made custom financial solutions commonly available for use now for any business.

Do you want to be in control of your finances? Fintech can help you manage your finances, and let you in control. You can now trade stocks, buy and sell as well as can travel using VR; thanks to fintech. You can get started today if you have PayPal or Google Pay.

Do you need to open a new bank account for this? The most question asked by first-time users. This is why companies are investing in fintech software development. You do not need to physically open any account, a digital account linking with a bank account will do the job.

Does Fintech use Latest Techstack?

AI & ML are trusted for providing new business and tech solutions helping businesses handle big data. Have you wondered why almost every e-commerce store or any business website has a Chatbot? Yes, it is for the visitor’s convenience but it also helps in collecting data of visitors for business.

Do you have a Chatbot for your website? No! If you are not knowing your customers then it is high time that learns about the benefits of using AI or ML. Businesses are now able to identify any fraud or hacking attempt using the latest tech stack of AI.

Big Data and Analytics

Why Big Data? Data is all that is needed for staying ahead of competitors in the current environment. Can you imagine that any amount of skilled workforce can handle terabytes of data every hour? You will only increase your labor wages.

Have you heard about mathematical algorithms and data analysis software? No, Here’s what you need to know

  • Businesses use big data for understanding their customers
  • Amazon became a success using big data analytics
  • Helps Founders in making informed decisions and plan for the next business move

Robotic Process Automation

You may want to know how your competitor’s website comes up with better responses, Don’t you? They use Robots and software for handling big data. You can get your own Chatbot by getting a Custom Fintech application. No matter at what time a customer is visiting your website, Chatbot is there to help.


Blockchain technology is also used for developing effective Fintech applications. End-to-End encryption using Blockchain helps in the safe transaction of finances without any hacking threat.

Do you know that Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is changing the global financial landscape due to Blockchain Technology? Have you heard about any cyber attacks on cryptocurrency? This is the level of security!

A solution only comes up when in need. Millennials’ vision of growth has shaped the fintech industry. The ease of money transfer was the main thing needed and look! how far fintech has already developed. Next Fintech will be seen participating in Metaverse.

Fintech Companies Outsourcing to Ukrainian Developers

Russia-Ukraine war is nothing else than an unfortunate scenario for the tech industry. The booming outsourcing industry of Ukraine has been proficient for scaling and refactoring spotless performance in compliance with fintech regulations-supporting sprouting fintech industry. But unfortunately, war has disrupted this huge IT delivery sector.

With the current uncertainty at hand, businesses investing in fintech development with Ukrainian developers can be at ease, DIVSYNC has experience in handling any product development needs for B2B SaaS startups, looking for immediate development help or steering the projects left in the middle of nowhere to finished products! your idea will get into reality, let’s stand against the notion of war and do business too!

Why Choose DIVSYNC for Fintech Development?

1- An accomplished record of delivering seamless fintech development solutions to the UK, US, and Europe. We understand the development challenges for SaaS products and expertise in fintech development outsourcing can certainly lead you to get the final product.
2- We have on-roll certified and experienced fintech software developers with domain knowledge, certifications, and technical expertise.
3- DIVSYNC is a reliable IT partner, ready to let you focus on the problem you’ve set out to achieve through software product development and is corroborated by various recognized platforms like Clutch, and GoodFirms.
4- Within the scope of IT support and Software Development, DIVSYNC is your officially confirmed PCI DSS provider


Regardless of the Fintech need for your business, DIVSYNC is ready to help, as our dedicated developers have mastered the fintech technologies and gained more experience in developing reliable, sophisticated, and custom fintech solutions. We are equipped with the latest tech stack for meeting the changing innovative needs of businesses. We constantly learn about changing market trends and have professional web and mobile app developers on board.

Ways how DIVSYNC can help in this Tragic Situation

The Ukraine-Russia war is in its second week and no one knows when and how the situation will be resolved. Technology is changing within days, your counterpart may take over the edge in launching their MVP before you, so meanwhile, we pray for peace in Ukraine, Let DIVSYNC take care of your software product development needs. No matter at what stage you are, our fintech developers are ready to get on board to provide technical expertise and domain knowledge

If you are looking for a partner in fintech development or getting hired at the best remote development agency–Look no Further.



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